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Board Gaming Tables Game On is a review portal for board games and board games related products made by a group of hardcore gamers.

We are a small group of hardcore gamers that love and play board games over 40 years.

Sometimes we would joke among ourselves that we first started to play board games than started to crawl and finally decided to walk…

…but just for a short time as it was back to our turn…

…back to sitting position.

baby crawling on chess board game

We gathered here together to bring board games and board games related products closer to the people that are new to board games and at the same time to present those to already experienced gamers from our perspective.

All the product reviews on this website are made from our humble opinions and may or may not differ from your own.

If you think there is anything that we should change, add or remove feel free to express yourself in comments, trough our contact form and/or on our social media channels.