Air Hockey Tables Quick Buying Tips

Air Hockey Tables Quick Buying Tips

Air Hockey Tables Quick Buying Tips

What is an Air Hockey Table & how does it work?

By its structural design, Air Hockey Tables may resemble Pool Tables.

You can mix them up when looking from the distance as their frames are very similar.

But when you come closer, you can see the main difference.

The air hockey tables have a flat smooth surface punctured with several thousand tiny holes that are precisely drilled for even airflow all over the playing surface meant to reduce friction.

Inside the air hockey tables, there is a powerful air blower (fan) that blows air evenly up through the tiny holes on the playing surface that makes a cushion of air on top of it to keep the puck floating above the surface all the time.

That allows the puck to go very fast, which makes this game very interesting.

Two players generally play air hockey, but there are some air hockey tables for four players.

The game’s goal is to push the puck with the pushers/striker until it ends up inside the opponent’s goal.

More information about air hockey tables that include gameplay rules and more, you can find in the part of our article “What is a Gaming Table?” (section about “What is Air Hockey Table?”).

What to keep in mind when buying an Air Hockey Table:

When you look at all the major retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart, etc., you can notice hundreds of air hockey tables available on the market.

Searching the best air hockey table that fits all your criteria can be a bit challenging and time-consuming.

As there are many places to look at, it’s hard to track down everything and keep in mind what you already checked and what you didn’t.

Not to mention that at the same time, you have to keep a close eye as some air hockey tables are good, but also some are bad, and some are way beyond bad, so it’s easy to make a mistake and throw your hard-earned money away on a wrong air hockey table.

Because opinions, tastes, budgets, and choices differ from person to person, the definition of best air hockey tables varies.

Still, there are some general guidelines that you should follow when choosing an air hockey table before adding a product to your shopping cart, such as material types, durability, reliability, purpose, additional items/features, etc.

As the adage says: The more money you are willing to spend, the better the quality of the product you will receive in return.

In the case of air hockey tables, the price you pay directly reflects:

– The quality of materials that are used to build the air hockey table. Better materials do bump the price up to increase overall quality, sturdiness, durability, longevity, etc.

– Aesthetics, aka look of the air hockey table. More time and effort manufacturer spends in developing the actual design of the air hockey table, to produce it, using better quality paints and protective coating materials (colors to be more consistent and material to be better protected), finalizing the final look and feel of the product (lines of development to be more precise and consequential to the design of the product, edges to be smoother on the touch, etc.) the price will be higher.

– More additional playing options and gadgets products have the price will be higher.

– Size and type of the air hockey table, etc.

That’s why we made this buying guide and the best air hockey tables reviews list (that you probably already noticed above this guide) to make research more comfortable, faster, less stressful and help you find the best air hockey table that fits all your needs.

Tables Size

If you are looking to buy an air hockey table for very young kids to learn game playing dynamics, practice their skills, exercise, sharpen their minds will competing, etc.

Then it would be best if you looked for smaller types of tables in the range under 5ft that are less sturdy and would not cost more than a few hundred dollars as kids tend to outgrow them fast.

If you are looking to buy an air hockey table for older kids, teens to learn, practice, hone their skills, and start professionally to compete or if you want to use tables in a more professional environment like tournaments.

It would then be best to buy semi-professional or professional types of tables built with better quality materials and last longer.

Still, it can cost close to a thousand, and even some go over several thousand dollars.

Tables with built-in fans and fans types

The air hockey game is not an air hockey game if there is no air blower (fan) underneath the playing surface to blow air through the thousands of holes punctured into it.

Any table variants that don’t include air blower (fan) are simple imitations that don’t work correctly.

Depending on table size, you need to pay attention to the air blower (fan) type and power.

Usually, at the average size of air hockey tables, a 12V fan will do just fine.

However, a common problem among the built-in fans on the more affordable tables is that they tend to break down quickly.

If your budget allows it, we would recommend you consider buying any of the “high-end tables” to avoid any unnecessary complications.

By “high-end tables”, we meant any from 19 tables on our “Best Professional Air Hockey Tables” list or any from the top 10 on our “Best Air Hockey Tables For Home” list.

Still, there is plenty of space to balance your budget.

Aesthetic and Use

Who is the air hockey table for?

What are you going to do with it?

If you are buying an air hockey table exclusively for kids, you know they would pay attention to colorful and fancy decorations, LED lights, favorite cartoon or movie heroes, etc. but would pay less attention to the actual quality of materials durability.

As they tend to go wild, sometimes you should pay attention to that as well.

On the other hand, if you are buying an air hockey table that will be mostly used by mature players, then you should not pay attention to those flashy things.

Instead, keep your eye on practical advantages like cost/quality ratio, ergonomics, functionality, easy to assemble and use, etc.

We hope these buying tips and our simple but effective review lists will help you to quickly find what you are looking for and buy with confidence the best air hockey table that fits your needs.

If you have any additional questions or feel like saying “Hi” feel free to contact us, we are always here for you.

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