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Family Games

family games

Family Games are one of the oldest and most popular family entertainment worldwide as people have been playing games in some form since the earliest civilizations over 5,000 years ago.

First Games were made as entertainment for the monarch (kings, queens, pharaoh, emperors, etc.) and were decorated with gold, precious stones, ivory, etc., that didn’t affect the gameplay but was just there to please the monarch more.

Because of all those expensive decorations, regular people didn’t manage to afford them.

Instead, they started copying them and inventing new games using materials they could easily come by, like stones and wood, while drawing boards with sticks on the ground or charcoal on animal skin or wood or stone.

Games would spread over time from one place of the world to another by any movement of people.

The most common ones were traveling merchants, sailors, migrations, and even wars.

Many times when some game would find its way to the new corner of the world, it might get some new rule or lose some old rule.

The same was happening over time as well.

That is common even nowadays.

When you go to a different country or even just another region of your own country, you can find the same game that you love and often play that is played there with some additional rules, or that it’s missing some of the rules that exist at your area.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of thousands of board games out there (including expansions), and every year more and more new games are released.

Just last year (2020), over 5000 new board games were released, followed by almost 4000 released this year (2021) so far, and there are three more months left until 2022.

board games released per year
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Gaming Tables Game On Staff Members

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