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MD Sports

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MD Sports, also known as Medal Sports, is a gaming tables, family games, and sporting goods manufacturing company.

Their company drives to provide innovative and high-quality products for home entertainment.

MD Sports is one of the industry leaders in designing and manufacturing indoor and outdoor recreational games.

Their full product line contains shuffleboard tables, air hockey tables, pool tables, foosball tables, ping pong tables, poker tables, arcade basketball, multi-game tables, darts and dartboards, arcade games and, tabletop games, and other outdoor games.

Their gaming tables line offers the broadest range of quality items in the industry, at affordable prices, with some made for kids and others suited for adult play.

You can find MD Sports products in some big-box retailers such as Walmart, Costco, Sears, K-Mart, and others.

You can also find them through some major online retailers such as Amazon, Wayfair, and others.
MD Sports team works daily to provide unique, cool, and fun games that offer the best value in the marketplace.

MD Sports have partnered with many of the industry’s top retailers and brand to provide you with the best as possibly available products to achieve this goal.

MD Sports know that time with family and friend are precious and takes great pride in their customers using their products during those special periods of time.

If it’s playing billiards during a family party or challenging friends to a round of bag toss before the big game, MD Sports aims to become your first and best resource for indoor and outdoor recreational games.

MD Sports Brands

Except for their own MD Sports (Medal Sports) brand, MD Sports also owns or is in partnership with several different brands.

Those brands are ESPN, Barrington Billiards Company, Halls of Games, Rally & Roar, Big Sky Company, and Dunlop, and they all design and develop their line of indoor and outdoor games.


In 2012 MD Sports and ESPN formed a strategic partnership, and since then, they design and develop a successful line of indoor and outdoor gaming tables.

The ESPN line has a unique design that is true and authentic to its brand and the sports it represents.

ESPN is the worldwide leader for sporting news and can be found in over 200 countries and millions of homes.

ESPN publishes news in various media, including television, radio, digital publications, and magazines.

Barrington Billiards Company

Barrington Billiards is MD Sports vision of what traditional game room products should stand for and represent.

Barrington Billiards brand was founded with the idea that products are more than just games; they are modern working pieces of furniture that will be showcased in your homes.

MD Sports take great pride in the fact that Barrington Billiards products are the focal points of countless parties and family gatherings, and they want customers to share in that sense of pride during every gameplay.


Hall of Games is designed and developed for anyone with a love of classic sporting games.

Hall of Games line features a range of indoor game room products with a modern approach to traditional arcade gaming tables to withstand any and all design trends.

From an Air Hockey Table or Foosball Table to Roll and Score game, this exclusive collection of modern and elegant products provide endless hours of entertainment connecting friends and families together.


The Rally and Roar brand was designed for sports and gaming enthusiasts who desire premium products at the best value possible.

Rally and Roar brand line features a wide range of entertaining indoor and outdoor games that include everything you can think of, from a Giant Toppling Tower to Foosball Tables.

Each product was designed and manufactured with players in mind.


The MD Sports team, in partnership with Dunlop Sports, designs and develops a premium line of indoor and outdoor games.

Thanks to the strong past of Dunlop Sports, the product line offers thought-provoking designs and the latest patents and technologies diverse choice of great gaming tables products.

Dunlop is one of the most successful sporting goods brands of the 20th century, with over 130 years of brand equity.

Dunlop products can be found in over 70 countries worldwide and offer solutions in multiple product categories, which include sporting goods, motorsports, tires, and fashion apparel.


The Big Sky Brand features a wide array of outdoor games and inflatable products that are made with family and friends in mind.

The Big Sky Team works diligently to think about products differently, and they strive to develop unique items that can be enjoyed by players of all ages.

The Big Sky products are lighthearted and fun, intending to remind people of simpler times, before cell phones and video games.

Next time you attend a family event, picnic, or take a beach trip, take along a Big Sky item!

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