Weekly Deals on Amazon February 05 – 12, 2021

Weekly Deals on Amazon February 05 – 12, 2021

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For next week’s weekly deals, we found something for everyone, so to say. There are some pool (billiard) tables, multi-game tables, shuffleboard tables, poker tables, air hockey tables,  foosball tables, and table tennis (ping pong) tables with nice discounts on Amazon for you to save money and enjoy quality time with family and friends.

Remember that even that we post them as weekly deals, some of the offers might last longer.
Each item listing contains a title (product name) and ranking number, a review of the item, and important details, the big picture of the item, a small table of content that includes rank, small picture, product name, button to Amazon listing of the product, and the discount amount in percentage.

Important: How to know that deal is over?
When you click on the “View Price on Amazon” button, if Amazon’s listing there is no discounted price specified and the original price isn’t crossed, Amazon ended the discount deal.

Important: How to know that item is out of stock?

If there’s no price at all and where the price should be is written “Currently Unavailable,” that means that the item is sold out already.
In that case, you have a few options:

  • You can contact us and specify what item were you interested in, and we will keep an eye on it for you and email you back as soon as the item is available again.
  • You can recheck on Amazon by clicking on the big picture of the item or Amazon buttons in the small table under the big picture. By doing that, the Amazon page with the item will open. You can see more details about the product like the price, amazons delivery options availability, etc. (disclaimer reminder links on our websites are all affiliate links, and if you buy something on Amazon after clicking trough one of our link, we might get a small commission, but that commission won’t affect your final price in any way, you can find out more about it on our disclaimer page).
  • If the item is really gone and you don’t wish to wait for it to return in stock, you can pick a similar item. We made sure that there is plenty for you to choose from.

Enjoy searching for the right one that fits your needs. We hope that our list will help you to find what you are looking for.

15 Best Weekly Deals on Amazon February 05 – 12, 2021

1. Fat Cat Frisco 7.5’ Pool Table

Fat Cat Frisco 7.5’ Pool Table – Bring luxury and class into your home with the Fat Cat 7.5 ft. Frisco Billiard Table. This beautiful table has six-inch rails with white diamond inlays, brown wool cloth and beveled legs with wood veneer mahogany. These aspects combine to form a beautifully-made table. The table also features a one-inch Accuslate playing surface and K66 rubber bumpers, allowing for better play. The Accuslate playing surface comes with a seven-year warranty. Accessories include two 57-inch cues, one set of billiard balls, two pieces of chalk, a triangle, and a brush. This stunning table will polish off any home game room and measures 89.5L x 50.5W x 31H inches.

Weekly Deals on Amazon February 05 – 12, 2021

2. American Legend Kirkwood 84” Billiard Table

American Legend Kirkwood 84” Billiard Table – Provide your family and friends with hours of entertainment with the American Legend Kirkwood 84” Billiard Table. This classic table features a rustic finish, unique k-shaped legs, a rustic, blond cabinet and royal blue cloth – a combination that will liven up any room in any home. It’s 36mm thick engineered wood playfield with two-ply lamination prevents warping while the cloth playfield with K66 nose rubber cushions provide true, reliable bank shots and rebounds. The table features concealed drop pockets and shims for uneven flooring. The Kirkwood is ready to play on its own with two 57” wood cues, a set of billiard balls, a triangle rack, a table brush and two pieces of chalk.

Weekly Deals on Amazon February 05 – 12, 2021

3. Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5' Billiard Table

Mizerak Dynasty Space Saver 6.5′ Billiard Table – Billiard tables can range anywhere from 7-10 feet long, which can easily overwhelm a rec room. However, the Mizerak Dynasty gives you all the fun of traditional billiards in a table that is only 6.5 feet long. Disc-style leg levelers allow you to adjust the height of each corner of the table for a perfectly level playing surface even when the floor is sloped. Rubber cushions around the perimeter of the play-bed offer excellent rebound for speed and accuracy. Rail integrated pockets lead balls to the end of the table for a ball return system that makes resetting for another game quick and easy. The green nylon cloth is a durable material that will last through years of aggressive family play and gives the Dynasty a classic billiard look. The Dynasty features a stylish bamboo laminate exterior that compliments almost any decor. The 5.5 inch rails offer solid resistance for consistent rebound. Cross supports between the table legs increase the rigidity of the table to prevent wobbling. The Dynasty features a double sealed MDF play-bed that provides a consistent roll and resists warping. Black corner posts and caps compliment the bamboo laminate creating a sleek, classic design. The Dynasty comes with a classic set of billiard balls including a cue ball. A black, plastic triangle, 2 pieces of blue cue chalk and a brush for the table cloth are also included. To complete the game, the Dynasty comes with two Mizerak cues.

Weekly Deals on Amazon February 05 – 12, 2021

4. American Legend Charger Foosball Table

American Legend Charger Foosball Table is a great addition to any home. It is made from wood that makes it sturdy and long-lasting. The foosball has an attractive light oak finish that gives a nice touch to the settings. It includes a traditional abacus bead slide scoreboard and is ideal for the age group of 5 years and above. The foosball has comfortable and robust black rubber handles for firm grip and added support. It has 4” square legs and crossbars add structural stability and firmness. The table has painted players on the chrome-finished steel rods that are easy to move. American Legend Charger Foosball Table is perfect for two players.

Weekly Deals on Amazon February 05 – 12, 2021

5. Barrington Urban Foosball Table

Barrington Urban Foosball Table – The urban 40″ foosball coffee table is the perfect addition to any game room, basement, or family room. Complete with a tempered glass top to convert into a coffee table, this furniture quality table will complement any room. It has traditional bead scoring to keep track of the action, steel rods, solid wood handgrips, and leg levelers for easy assembly. This table includes all accessories needed to take your best.

Weekly Deals on Amazon February 05 – 12, 2021

6. Challenger Shuffleboard Table

Challenger Shuffleboard Table – Enjoy this pub style shuffleboard table fun in the comfort of your home. Hathaway™ shuffleboard tables are packed with quality features and are offered in a rich Dark Cherry finish. The thick 1.5” solid hardwood butcher block playing surface is finished in a smooth, glossy polyurethane finish for durability and to ensure that the puck slides true. Since tables can become ”humped” during humid weather and dished during dry weather, ”Climate Adjusters” are included on the table. ”Climate Adjusters” allows you to smooth out any variations that the hardwood surface may require due to changes in humidity. No other table in this price range offers this feature.

Weekly Deals on Amazon February 05 – 12, 2021

7. PRO SPIN Mid-Size Ping Pong Table

PRO SPIN Mid-Size Ping Pong Table – This midsize ping pong table is all about fun! At only 71″L x 41″W it’s meant to fit any space where a full-sized ping pong table just doesn’t cut it. With its fully aluminum frame and foldable design, you can set it up anywhere to enjoy game time with family & friends. And storage couldn’t be easier… Just fold, snap the clasp, grab the handle and slip it under the bed, in your closet, or anywhere you have some extra space.

Weekly Deals on Amazon February 05 – 12, 2021

8. EastPoint Sports EPS 3000 Table Tennis Table

EastPoint Sports EPS 3000 Table Tennis Table will be the envy of your neighborhood and is the definition of value. A better quality product and spec at a better price cannot be found on the market. Featuring a seamless two-piece tabletop that easily folds up for playback position or storage and an on-center net. The sport of table tennis is fun and competitive for adults and kids!

Weekly Deals on Amazon February 05 – 12, 2021

9. JOOLA NOVA Outdoor Table Tennis Table

JOOLA NOVA Outdoor Table Tennis Table – The JOOLA Outdoor Table Tennis Tables are high-quality tables that can be used inside or outside, designed specifically to withstand outdoor use all year round, in all weather conditions and terrains. Featuring an all-weather surface that is resistant to warping and chipping, the JOOLA Outdoor Tables offer a consistent bounce even after years of extended outdoor play, making this a great family investment. No maintenance is required since each half is mounted on a sturdy, rust-resistant, powder-coated steel undercarriage. Adjustable height levelers on each leg help balance the table on uneven ground, ensuring a level playing surface. Double anti-tilting devices and locking casters make it safe and easy to transport. Enjoy playing with friends or training solo by folding up one half of the table into the playback position. The JOOLA Outdoor Tables also come with a hassle-free screw-on weatherproof net set with adjustable posts. This is the perfect addition to your deck, backyard, or community playground! Start playing like a champion with equipment developed for champions.

Weekly Deals on Amazon February 05 – 12, 2021

10. Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 6-Foot Flip Game Table

Fat Cat Original 3-in-1 6-Foot Flip Game Table – All of the most popular games are now at your disposal, in a third of the space with the Fat Cat 3-in-1 Flip Game Table! This revolutionary multi-game table design offers an unprecedented three of the most popular game room games that would normally take up the space of three separate tables in a single unit! Your family will be in for hours of fun flipping between the different games the Flip Table has to offer! Each table surface is optimized for its game, ensuring a great experience no what game you play. The first game to mention is pool, the Flip Table features a smooth durable playing surface that plays just like a pro table. With a sleek built-in pocket design, the table is totally contained. The space-saving playing field is surrounded by real rubber bumpers for an authentic bounce and covered in heavy duty cloth. On the flip side of the billiard table is the air powered hockey table. Where other tables feature motorless ‘slide hockey, ’ the Pockey Table features a powerful 45 CFM electric motor. The extra glossy playing surface features hockey rink graphics for an excellent atmosphere during games. Easily keep track of the score with a manual scorer. The last game featured is a convenient table tennis top that can be used on either side. Changing between game modes is a snap with the exclusive latch system that locks the table into place for a stable game. The reversible table top is housed in a versatile frame complete with storage for the plethora of accessories included in this all-in-one package. Speaking of accessories, the Pockey Table includes four pushers and pucks, a set of 1. 5” billiard balls, a resin triangle, two 57” cue sticks, two pieces of chalk, a billiard brush, two table tennis paddles and balls, and a net with post set.

Weekly Deals on Amazon February 05 – 12, 2021

11. Triumph 72” 4 in 1 Multi-Game Swivel Table

Triumph 72” 4 in 1 Multi-Game Swivel Table – Choose between four classic games and switch from one to another in seconds with the Triumph 72” 4 in 1 Multi-Game Swivel Table. The rotating table design allows you to change between air-powered hockey and billiards and use the included conversion top for table tennis and launch football. The tables include accessories for each game including 2 red air hockey pushers, 2 red pucks, 2 48” billiard cues, a full set of billiard balls, a triangle, 2 chalks, a brush, 2 table tennis balls, 2 paddles, a net and post, 2 field goals, and a mini football. This comprehensive set is perfect for a family game room or rec room and will entertain for hours. The air hockey game is powered by a 110V 60Hz UL standard blower that plugs into a regular wall outlet. The table measures 72 inches long overall and is equipped with leg levelers to ensure a steady and level play surface for all games. Keep the fun going all day long with four classic games in one quality Triumph table!

Four Games in One
• Air-powered hockey
• Table tennis
• Billiards
• Launch football

Weekly Deals on Amazon February 05 – 12, 2021

12. MD Sports Multi-Game Combination Table Set (12-in-1 Combo Game)

MD Sports Multi-Game Combination Table Set (12-in-1 Combo Game) – This all-in-one MD Sports 48 inch 12-in-1 Multi-Game Table includes air hockey, traditional foosball, knock hockey, shootout basketball, ping pong, bag toss, archery, chess, checkers, backgammon, and dice. So many options in one convenient, compact space.
Dimensions: 22.75″ W x 48″ L x 32″ H | Weight: 50.69 lb
Easy assembly makes this interactive combo game center as convenient as possible. It’s equipped to store accessories and pieces and shift between activities with no tools or frustration.
MD Sports provides long-lasting gaming equipment. Comprised of durable, strong material, this at-home multi-sports kit with adjustable leg levers will last you throughout the years.
If you are looking for a unique way to celebrate a person or holiday? The MD Sports Multi-Game Combination Table Set, aka indoor activity center, is a unique and fun gift idea for birthdays, graduations, housewarmings, Christmas, Father’s Day, and more!
On top of all the family-friendly activities, this MD Sports 48 inch 12-in-1 Multi-Game Table provides, it also includes a new, air-flow foosball game which guarantees smoother, faster, and more precise gliding – a fun twist on an old classic.

Weekly Deals on Amazon February 05 – 12, 2021

13. ESPN 84" Fast-Line Air Powered Hockey Table

ESPN 84″ Fast-Line Air Powered Hockey Table – As the leader in sports coverage, ESPN is deemed to be the leader in table game sports with this 84″ air powered hockey table. Boasting a 3/4″ thick high gloss playfield, faster and smoother puck glide is sure to happen in every game. Its 120V motor blower design provides real and even airflow throughout the entire playing surface. Players are assured never to find dead spots with this hockey table.
Every exciting game needs a loud cheer or sound effects at least, and this hockey table surely delivers. Its LED overhead electronic scoring system amplifies any party or game atmosphere and its real arcade sound effects with game timer makes players feel like they are in an arcade or in an authentic stadium experience.
This ESPN hockey table has protective corner caps that not only makes the table look sleek and modern, but aso protects walls and doors from scratches when moving the tables between game rooms! It also has a full panel, 1/2″ thick leg support, and 6″ leg levelers with reinforced playfield apron and top rail to provide additional stability and balance even during serious and competitive hockey games.
Any air hockey game, especially in your own game room, is never complete without a cold drink on standby. Fortunately, this ESPN air-hockey game has built-in cup holders on each side of the scorer’s overhead to put your drink in while playing. Storing air hockey accessories is also not an issue, wih its built-in storage for puck and pushers on each side of the table.

Weekly Deals on Amazon February 05 – 12, 2021

14. Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6’ Interactive Air Hockey Table

Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6’ Interactive Air Hockey Table – When the lights go out, let the fun begin. The Triumph Lumen-X Lazer Air Hockey Table’s exciting new technology illuminates the dark and adds another dimension of excitement to gameplay. The interactive table features in-rail LED lighting with cascading effects and in-game music perfect for competitions between family and friends. The table, measuring 72” L x 40” W x 31” H, includes two ultra-bright blue strikers and a light-up blue puck creating an elevated gaming experience. Dual motor blowers provide continuous air flow to keep play fast and furious over the smooth, MDF-engineered play surface with white and blue silkscreen playfield lines. Easily keep track of the action without losing focus while playing with the electronic scorer. The table is supported by 12mm thick legs with four 2.5” leg levelers to ensure your play surface remains perfectly flat even if the floor is not level.

Weekly Deals on Amazon February 05 – 12, 2021

15. Blue Wave 5 Ft Air Hockey Table

Blue Wave 5 Ft Air Hockey Table – This big, sturdy Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey table is a blast and includes electronic scoring! Its solid construction using certified environmentally safe materials allows for rigorous and intense table play without worry. This 5-ft table features a poly-sealed slick playing surface powered by a 110V UL-approved blower fan providing maximum air flow across the entire playing surface. L-shaped reinforced legs with end and side panel supports ensure table stability even during the hardest slap-shots. The large independent leg levelers ensure quick easy table leveling on any rec room floor while the electronic scoring system easily keeps track of who’s ahead in every match. Great hockey graphics and attention to detail make this table a winner. 180-day limited warranty.

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